What’s the Big Deal?

When I was first introduced to Bible prophecy, one of the things that I thought seemed far fetched was the idea that a new temple needed to be built and that animal sacrifice would resume in Judaism. To me, it just seemed so ancient and we are so modern. But lo and behold, we see preparations—and more importantly—a growing cultural desire—for a third temple to be built and for animal sacrifice as specified in the Old Testament to be revived in our time!

Scripture tells us that there will be a temple in Jerusalem by the mid-point of the tribulation period. There hasn’t been a temple since the last one was destroyed in AD 70, but the newly reconvened Sanhedrin (after not existing for almost 2000 years) and an organization called “The Temple Institute” along with other religious and cultural Jewish organizations have been preparing to rebuild a new temple in recent years. Plans for an underground train and thousands of hotel rooms near the temple mount are officially under way.

Currently all of the utensils, priestly clothes, and organization of duties for a new temple have been prepared. New DNA tests have even allowed in order to identify which Jewish men come from the priestly line of Levites. Priests have been trained to carry out their duties including the reinstitution of animal sacrifice. The complete architectural plans for a new temple have already been drawn up and there are rumors that large prefabricated sections of the future Temple structure already exist.

All that has to happen for the temple to be constructed is some type of agreement that allows the Jewish leaders to begin construction. It is very likely that part of the treaty that will be confirmed by the antichrist after the rapture will include this key provision. If we see a cultural push for a third temple after 1900+ years, continued heightening tension regarding Jerusalem and the temple mount, and a seemingly impossible stalemate—this is prime time for a man with a plan to step in and make it happen. The tribulation period is casting a shadow ahead of itself.

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