Todd Hampson is a best-selling
author, speaker, illustrator,
animation producer, and Co-host of the Prophecy Pros Podcast.

Todd has a burden to reach the next generation with
the Gospel through the convincing proofs of Bible
prophecy and apologetics—the very things that led
to his salvation as a teenager.


Todd and his wife Tracey are the proud parents of three grown children and make their home in Georgia.

Todd has served in various volunteer roles within the local church setting since 1993. He has also been on several short term mission trips to Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and a few other locations.

His love for theology, prophecy, and apologetics stem from his conversion at the age of 13. As a young teenager Todd thought the Bible was a book of fairy tales until he was confronted with the incredibly convincing apologetic of fulfilled Bible prophecy. This compelling evidence caused Todd to consider the claims of Christ and eventually led to his conversion. It also led to his love for theology, Bible prophecy, and eschatology (the study of last things).

While these topics can either be sensationalized or marginalized, they are key elements of biblical Christianity.

Todd’s goal is to reintroduce these topics in a fresh way for younger generations—at a time when the very things predicted for the end of the church age seem to be developing right before our eyes.

Now more than ever, people are asking the big questions of life. Why does God allow evil? Is Jesus literally coming back like he said? When will all of these events take place? The world seems to be more unstable with each passing day, but God’s Word stands firm and God’s truth brings hope and clarity. Todd’s goal is to help people understand the Bible and our times so they can apply God’s word in a way that helps them not just survive, but actually thrive. In short, Todd is on a mission to help people understand and thrive.

• University of Maryland | Dallas Theological Seminary

• Author, speaker, illustrator, animation producer

• Lucky husband & dad


In 2003 Todd founded Timbuktoons, LLC, an award-winning animation company that develops and produces cartoons for well-known ministries, non-profit organizations, and faith-based media and education companies such as RightNow Media, Harvest House Publishers, Tony Evans Films/The Urban Alternative, The The Salvation Army, Chosen People Ministries, Life.Church, Compassion International, OneHope, and other select children’s ministry
resource providers.

We’re the studio next door even though we’re not. Location and time zones don’t hold us back. We’ve worked with clients all over the country. Our collaboration tools, customer-focused pipeline, and experience will make you feel like we’re in the next room. We’re a team of creative problem solvers and we want you to succeed as bad as you do. Ultimately, our success depends on yours. Projects aren’t paychecks for us, they’re our calling.

We produce animation from script to screen and everything in-between. Come to us with an idea on a napkin, or a fully developed concept and we’ll know exactly what solution to recommend. We’re animation-ninjas when it comes to developing a solution and bringing your vision to life.

We have a small core staff in Augusta, GA and an extensive distributed team known affectionately as the TimbuktoonCloud Team. These are hand-picked, vetted artists and animators who specialize in specific areas. We’re built to scale and we develop a crew plan specifically for your project. What that means is we can move fast and deliver consistent quality for a reasonable price. We also have tools and processes to collaborate seamlessly with you and your team.


Todd Hampson speaks at conferences, events, workshops, and churches. Todd’s background as an author, Bible prophecy expert, animation producer, family man, and church leader has given him unique insight as a communicator.

Todd’s speaking topics primarily relate to Eschatology and Bible Prophecy, discussed in a surprisingly fresh and relatable way. Part of Todd’s calling is to introduce Bible prophecy to a new generation so they can rediscover 1/4 of the Bible. He tackles topics that are confusing to many believers and brings simple clarity to complex and intimidating topics.

Todd has a passion for apologetics, Bible prophecy, leadership, discipleship, and missions. When speaking, Todd’s tone is conversational and authentically real. He has a way of communicating ancient truth in a relevant way. Todd has a high regard for the authority of scripture and a deep love for people who are far from God. Todd believes the message of the cross and the ministry of the local church are still the most powerful forces on the planet.


Todd has teamed up with author Jeff Kinley to bring you The Prophecy Pros™. Two experts. One topic. No confusion. Together, they are on a mission to reach the next generation with the inspiring, hopeful message found in Bible prophecy! The Prophecy Pros host live events at churches around the country.

They have also teamed up with Harvest House Publishers to produce The Prophecy Pros Podcast. Join the Prophecy Pros for a continuing conversation about all things Bible prophecy related. Every few episodes Todd and Jeff have a special guest join them on the show. Check the podcast website for upcoming seasons, episodes, topics, and guests. Available wherever podcasts are found and at

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