The Anchor of Scripture

In the art world, there’s a technique known as single-point perspective. When drawing a scene or background, this method offers a simple way to add the illusion of depth for a two-dimensional composition. Key to this concept is a single point on the horizon known to artists as the vanishing point. This is the point where all perspective lines converge, giving the illusion of infinite distance. Once the vanishing point is established, straight guidelines are drawn from the edges of the page to the vanishing point. These guidelines are then used to render the composition with the illusion of depth—portraying three-dimensional space on a two-dimensional surface.

Once the vanishing point and guidelines are erased, covered, or turned off (for digitally created art), the composed scene has a sense of cohesion and depth. The casual observer won’t notice the vanishing point or the perspective guidelines, but the trained artist can spot the location of the vanishing point by studying the details of the composition. This all-important invisible anchor ties the entire piece of art together.

The Bible has such an anchor that everything else in Scripture is tethered to—the person of Jesus Christ. The opening verse of the final book of the Bible zeroes in on this paramount fact. The capstone book of the Bible is all about the revelation—or the unveiling—of the Lord Jesus Christ in all of his fullness! Every storyline, theological trail, theme, and prophetic marker points to Jesus like guidelines directing our eyes to the vanishing point of a priceless piece of art.

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