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This is a relevant question. With all the struggles people go through in life, and with all the significant physical needs and global crises present in our world today, why should we take the time to study Revelation with all of its symbolism, mysteries, apocalyptic language, and scary scenarios?

Because it’s the capstone of Scripture, the climax and resolution of the story, and the crescendo of the biblical narrative. Ignoring Revelation would be like going to a movie and walking out before the best part!

In practical terms, understanding Revelation gives us a deeper confidence in Scripture, anchors our focus on a promised future and eternal hope, purifies our Christian life, pushes us to share our faith, and helps us make sense of the way the world is today.

I’ll unpack this a bit more in the coming weeks, but if Revelation is the most avoided book of the Bible, then Revelation chapters 2-3 are the most neglected chapters in the Bible…or at least in the New Testament. These contain 7 letters from Jesus to the churches. People tend to skip over these chapters to get to the action scenes related to the judgments and weird supernatural events of the tribulation period beginning in Revelation chapter 6. Most fail to realize, the most practical words in Revelation for us today (arguably) are found in chapters 2-3.

As you watch 2020 coming at you fast, as you look around at the conditions of the world, and as you plan for next year, I would like to challenge you to consider how amazingly practical (and timely for our generation) the book of Revelation really is!


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