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The Valley of Dry Bones

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Hey, I’m Todd Hampson and this is a Bible Prophecy Minute. If you’ve been around church circles for any period of time, you may have heard a message or a comment about the Valley of the Dry Bones. That’s taken from Ezekiel Chapter 36. So, Old Testament Bible prophet, and we’re using some stories for some life application, and a lot of times you’ll hear people talk about that as kind of symbolism of finding new life in God. The New Testament talks about how he brings us to life from the dead. We’re spiritually dead, we find Christ, we accept him as our savior, and we’re brought to life. And that is true. That is definitely some valid symbolism and some personal application, and some connectivity there with the New Testament.

But, when you take your time and really read that chapter … Matter of fact, if you read Ezekiel 36-37, I’m gonna save 38 and 39 for another time … Read 36 and 37, it really shows … Number one, 36 captures Israel’s history. God’s promises to them, but then they rebelled and they messed up and then he brought judgment and they were disbursed to the nations, and then it specifically says they would be away from their land for a long period of time, scattered all over the world. That their land would lie desolate and become uninhabited. And then, the Valley of the Dry Bones is in Chapter 37. God leads into that at the end of 36, talking about but because of God’s unconditional promises, and his character, he is not done with Israel or the Jewish people. That he still has a purpose for them. They’re still the apple of his eye.

And then, the Valley of the Dry Bones passage is all about the Nation of Israel being regathered into their own land after being all but dead. And we see that even in the Holocaust after World War II, that you look at pictures of the poor Jewish people that survived the Holocaust and they were literally skin and bones. So I think there’s some connection there. But very specifically, God does say in those chapters that it is … The Valley of the Dry Bones is about restoring Israel to their land and making them a nation again. Bringing them back to life from the dead.

No other people group in the history of the world has gone through what they’ve gone through, been away from their land for so long, and then come back into their own land and fulfilled Bible prophecy. And there’s many related and connected bible prophecies to the land, to the people, to the end times purpose and all that, that I’ll share another time. But I just wanted to spark an interest in you to go back and read Ezekiel Chapters 36 and 37 for yourself. And look at it as literal Bible prophecy. This is a prophecy we saw fulfilled in our day. I mean, I wasn’t born until the 70s, so I didn’t see it, but in our modern times, in 1948, Israel became a nation again.

And this is a 2600 year old prophecy. And the chapters after 36 and 37 continue chronologically to show Bible prophecy, and even portray somethings that are definitely happening in our day. So, I’ll save that for another time. But, anyway, just wanted to challenge you to check out Ezekiel 36 and 37. Bible prophecy is not as scary as most people think. If you take God at his word, God is a big God. He means what he says, and says what he means. We can understand his word if we just take a look at it and take it at face value.

So, that’s been a Bible Prophecy Minute. And I know it’s been longer than a minute, but I tried to keep it short. Thanks.

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