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Hey, I’m Todd Hampson, and this is another Bible Prophecy Minute. Did you know that one third of the Bible is Bible prophecy? There are over 2500 prophecies in the Bible. 80 percent of those have already been fulfilled, and 20 percent are yet future. That’s no small down payment for God to prove that His word is divine. We can check them by archeology, through records, through the bible itself, there’s so many ways you could verify fulfilled Bible prophecy. That’s because God loves us, God wants us to know His message, and He put a great down payment on His promises to show that our future promises will also come true. So, we can trust Him, we can trust His word.

So, my challenge for you today. This is a little bit different than the other Bible Prophecy Minutes, in that I’m not focusing on a specific prophecy. But I just wanted to mention that and challenge you that, as you read Scripture, start looking and paying attention to Bible prophecy, even in the Old Testament, in the New Testament, wherever you’re reading. Just let that be on your radar, and you’ll find that it’s kind of like when you get a new car and you’re driving down the street and all of a sudden you see that car everywhere else, because you’re familiar with it now. That’s the attitude that I wanna challenge you with, is that, as you read scripture, pay attention to Bible prophecy, its prophecies and its fulfillments, and how that relates to scripture, and how that ties scripture together.

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