If you are a basketball fan or have ever played basketball, you are likely familiar with the term full-court press! It is officially defined as, “A coordinated maneuver, involving all team members, to block or interfere with the opposing team’s attempt to advance the ball down the playing court.”

Right now the enemy is going all out to deceive, corrupt, subvert, and attack. He is trying to advance his agenda on every level of culture and society. Rather than retreat in fear, it is time for believers to rise to the occasion and initiate a full-court press!

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired…if you need some hope, joy, and courage to face the struggles of the day…and if you want rise up and be the salt and light that the Church is called to be, then it is critically important to understand the times to know what you should do.

Our conference coming up at the end of this month is an opportunity for believers to be equipped like never before…for such a time as this. Watch this short (18-minute) video to find out why YOU need to be in Orlando with us at the end of this month! Please share this with as many as you can…especially if they live somewhere in the Southeast. (Don’t worry, we plan to bring this conference to other areas of the country as well. Stay tuned!)

See you in Orlando!

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