The following is an excerpt from my upcoming book, The Chronological Guide to Bible Prophecy. I trust it will inspire you to trace prophecy throughout the Bible with a new sense of awe and wonder.

I believe a book like this is needed for this generation for several reasons. Many have lost a sense of awe and wonder when it comes to the truly incredible feature of prophecy in the Bible.

Familiarity can easily lead to complacency. Reconnecting with the Apollo 13 account from the introduction of this book, the first mission to the moon attracted 7 million people to witness the Apollo 11 liftoff. Just a year later, the Apollo 13 liftoff attracted only 200,000. What was once the greatest feat of exploration in history—landing people on the moon—became a routine occurrence that no longer captured the rapt attention of the masses.

The church needs a new moon landing, so to speak. She needs to return to her first love and let the astonishing fact of fulfilled prophecy reinvigorate her passion and excitement for her promised future.

Many believers have heard about the amazing truths of prophecy just enough that they have become immune to their intended effect. I pray that this book will reignite a sense of awe and wonder for one of the more compelling features of the Bible (other than Jesus himself), which separates it from every other written work ever produced.

I also believe people are hungry for something deeper—something that gives answers to the big questions we all want answered.

Questions like:

  • Can I really trust the Bible?
  • Is every word of Scripture really from God?
  • I have faith, but where is the compelling evidence that can strengthen my faith in something concrete?
  • There are so many competing voices and there is so much deception in the world right now, so how can I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that I can trust God’s Word?
  • Is Jesus really going to return like he said he would?

These are the questions on the minds of many. In this book, I want to answer those questions to help strengthen and reignite faith in God’s Word through a systematic, chronological guide to Bible prophecy.

This book isn’t just for prophecy students—it is for every believer!

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