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I was honored to interview Ryan Pitterson about his new book, Judgment of the Nephilim. Ryan clearly demonstrates that this is not a fringe topic, but a thoroughly Biblical theme connected to the very Gospel itself. Ryan uses Scripture alone to connect the dots and to show why this topic is relevant for us today and and a worthy study for any serious student of the Bible.

(Note: I apologize for the audio glitches. I’m transitioning to a new software/system for recording in studio and with remote guests. Stay tuned!)

Here are a handful of the many questions that this book answers.

Why did God flood the earth destroying all humans AND animals except those in the ark?

Why did God order the complete destruction of certain people groups (but not others) during Joshua’s conquest of Canaan?

What does Genesis 3:15, Cain killing Abel, Pharaoh killing all Hebrew babies, Jesus being tempted in the desert, and Herod killing all males under 2 years of age have to do with Genesis 6:4 and the Gospel?

Why does the Bible say Jesus preached to prisoners in Hell (Hades) after the crucifixion and before the resurrection?

Why are only angels, and church-age believers called the “sons of God?”

How is it that the Bible describes the nature of X and Y chromosomes and DNA thousands of years before science discovered them?

Why are angels always depicted in Scripture as having physical heavenly bodies, but demons are depicted as being unclean spirits (without bodies) that attempt to inhabit the bodies of non-Christian humans?

Why does the first messianic prophecy state that Satan has a “seed”?

Why was Jesus “the only begotten” son of God?

Why was it necessary for Jesus to have a human mother who conceived by the Holy Spirit?

This book answers these questions and a thousand others. You can find out more about Ryan and his book at:

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