Book Review of The Non-Prophet’s Guide™ to the End-Times

Terry James
Long time author and respected Bible prophecy expert Terry James offers a book review.

Stepping Out in Faith

Greg Laurie
From the devotional: “I have discovered the secret of a successful Christian life. Are you ready for it?”

Should We Unhitch from the 10 Commandments?

You can read this one or watch the video – great perspective on our relationship to the Old Testament.

Replacement Theology vs. Literal Interpretation

Dr. Michael Brown
In this video Dr. Brown masterfully rebuts “replacement theology” with Scripture and simple logic.

Political Purulence

Terry James
You can add “purulence” to your vocabulary after this one – Terry James talks about what’s behind the immense political division in the U.S.

Bible Prophecy Minute: Ezekiel 38 War

Todd Hampson
This short video provides an overview of Ezekiel 38 and includes additional links for further study.

Prophecy Update: Nature Raging

Tom Hughes
How does nature play into the end-times? I think we’re seeing some things ramp up!

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