Banned Bible, Intense Persecution, California Fires, Russia and Israel, Prophetic Tides, and Embracing Foolishness


Todd Hampson
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The Mere Image of a Bible Banned: Entering A New Era in the US

Fox News Interview with Pastor Greg Laurie
The image of Greg Laurie holding Bible was taken down in stores in South California. Why, you may ask? Find out in this interview with Pastor Laurie.

Persecuted Church: Hundreds of Christians Killed Last Week In Nigeria

CBN News
Over 200 Christians have been killed in the past 6 days in Nigeria. Read the details and pray with us for our brothers and sisters!

Three of CA’s Biggest Fires Ever Are Burning Right Now

The New York Times
California is currently experiencing record-breaking fires across the state.

Russia Deepening Footprint Along Israeli Border: Ezekiel 38 Prophecy Continues to Set Stage

Jerusalem Post Article
Russia is always on my radar when it comes to prophecy, and this run-in with Israel definitely has me thinking through Ezekiel 38!

The Tide is Coming In

Todd Hampson
When waves come in, they surge and recede, but each time they surge, they come a little bit further in until finally they reach their maximum height. The same is true of biblical prophecy!

Embracing Foolishness

Todd Hampson

Torn from the pages of my personal journal… Quick little devotion from my own study time.

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