On this question from the recent survey I sent out, participants could choose more than one answer. These were the top three choices by far. Most other reasons were under 5%. These results were eye opening to me in terms of knowing what posts to write, resources to develop, and what books to recommend. They also confirm the direction and content for a book I’m currently writing which will be published by Harvest House Publishers.

I’ll share specific details about he book once I finish the content and we begin to promote it, but it will help address these three barriers that keep people from learning Bible prophecy. It will be a user-friendly resource for churches and individuals wanting to teach the basics of Bible prophecy in a simple, clear, Biblically sound manner.

My partnership with Harvest House is a huge answer to prayer. Many of the prophecy books I have studied over the years have been published by Harvest House including super-solid Bible prophecy experts such as Tim LaHaye, Ron Rhodes, Jeff Kinley, Thomas Ice, Mark Hitchcock, Ed Hindson, and Skip Heitzig. I am humbled and honored to have teamed up with such a great partner. I have worked on many creative projects before but have never felt so called (and seen so many doors open) as I do with this project. I can’t wait to share more so stay tuned!

Anyway, back to the survey. Based on the results of this question and others, two of my goals through this platform will be:

  1. To help equip churches to teach Bible prophecy in a clear and relevant way that causes spiritual and numerical growth in their local body of believers.
  2. To help everyday believers, seekers, and skeptics understand the basics of Bible prophecy and how it is the single greatest proof that the Bible is from God.

If you happen to have taken the survey, here are some initial thoughts that may help you overcome the three barriers listed above. First, be sure to check out the 5 Keys to Understanding the Book of Revelation series of posts to get some clarity on barriers two and three above.

Second, be patient with your church and pray about how you may be able to help equip people by teaching a class, organizing a prophecy conference, or starting a Bible study. Its easy to complain about a need that isn’t being addressed, but perhaps you are the one God has in mind to fill that Gap! I love a verse that my pastor often cites…

Ephesians 4:16 (NIV)
From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.

Consider yourself a ligament! Your local church needs you. Often, people with a calling in the area of Bible prophecy see things in a different way. Sometimes only the watchmen and women on the wall see what’s in the distance. It’s our job to tactfully and respectfully figure out how we can help “wake the bride” as author and friend Jeff Kinley so succinctly states in his book of the same name.

I think there are several reasons why most churches don’t teach much about Bible prophecy and I’ll talk about that in an upcoming post.

In the mean time, let me know what you think. Do the three barriers mentioned above seem to keep you from learning Bible prophecy? What resources for churches and people do you think would be helpful?

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