Meet the 4 phases of animation

Some times when I describe the animation process to a new client or someone who wants to learn about animation, it can get too technical, or too insider-ish if I start using words like: animatic, x-sheet, onion skinning, and render que.

So, a couple of years ago I designed these characters to help give a very basic tongue-in-cheek overview of the animation process. In future posts, I’ll provide tips, tricks, and resources for specific aspects of each phase, but for now I hope you enjoy this brief (and silly) description.


Say hello to the Development Guru: Progressum Instruo. He’s a wise sage who’s here to guide you thru the tangled land of developing your idea, determining a budget, and mapping out a schedule.

His special powers and years of battle-tested development techniques will help you on your journey thru the Development Jungle.

Next, witness the technical and creative genius of the Pre-Production Super Ninja:Labora Artifex.

Highly trained in pre-production visdev art techniques, she masterfully designs any character, background, storyboard, or animatic needed to successfully take you to your next stop on the animation pipeline.

Now, we introduce you to the Production Cyborg: Medio Tekhnol. Half-man and half-machine, he animates for hours on end.

Fueled by his built-in coffee brewing system and his passion for bringing characters to life he pushes thru the Plains of Production hike.

Finally, hailing from the Beasts of the Bog tribe, meet the Post-Production Beast:Bestia Fieras.

He may look a bit frightening but he’s your animation’s biggest ally and a master render wrangler, musician, and delivery warrior.

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