The Non-Prophet’s Guide™ to the End Times Small Group Study

If you loved the book and feel called to lead a Bible Prophecy 101 small group to introduce the topic to others in an entertaining and easy-to-understand way, you’re going to love this 6-week small group study resource (available for pre-order now).

This product includes a standard DVD you can simply pop in a DVD player and play the session videos, and it also has a DATA DVD with HD video in MP4 format if you prefer to copy the files to your hard drive or serve to play them through a networked system or on your local computer or computer-connected large screen.

In addition to having the option of playing the sessions by DVD or DIGITALLY, this product also has another feature that man of you have been requesting.

The DATA DVD also contains 100 of your favorite graphs, charts, illustrations, and comic strips from the book in PNG format ready to plug into your favorite presentation software. 

There’s also a 15-page small group study booklet pdf, a leaders guide pdf, a 40-day (85-page) personal study guide, along with other bonus materials on the DATA DVD.

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