I received this email news update today from Lamb and Lion Ministries and had to share it. If you are a believer and have ever been confused or scared about standing before Jesus at the judgment seat of Christ, this post will flip the script and move you from anxiety to excitement.

I talk a little about the Judgment seat of Christ in my book. The Bema Seat/Judgment Seat of Christ is similar to the Olympic awards ceremony in some ways. We don’t stand before Christ to answer for our sins—He took care of those on the cross. We stand before Christ to evaluate our works to receive rewards that will stick with us literally forever.

Read Lamb and Lion Ministries post here for a deeper dive, and a much needed refreshing look at this amazing future event…and be sure to check out their other resources.

Also, check out this short video I made to go along with this post. Enjoy!

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