I’m out of a major production vortex just in time to go to a conference we’ve been preparing for. What was the cause of the major production vortex you say? Well, first of all we have a bunch of projects in (a very good thing). Second, those projects don’t sit by idly waiting to be worked on while you launch an all new website.

Sean Copley, Timbuktoons VP of Brand Strategy, has been working on the site for months on the planning side. I knew we would put up a new demo reel, but the more we got into planning and development approaching the site from our client’s perspective, the more we realized we needed small demo reels for just about everything.

We also worked on some fun projects last year that we haven’t had a chance to show yet and we wanted to do them justice. After countless hours of pulling project files, writing copy, creating graphics and demo reels, the site is done! (Well, as “done” as creatives allow any project to be done. 🙂

So, gather your family, find a nice computer (preferably a mac) and check out the new site. There are still a few bells and whistles we’ll add and some cross-polination of the blogs (TBT site for studio stuff and project highlights, and this site for more posts and resources to help creatives thrive*)

*I’m teaching a 4 week course on my book in April then we’ll have lots more resources that will be made available on the blog.

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