Seeing Clearly Through the Lens of Bible Prophecy

During this unprecedented time in history, when it seems every news item produces fear and anxiety in viewers, we see slogans, social media posts, t-shirts, and other products with the slogan, “Faith Over Fear.” Where I live, there are also thousands of homes with a small crosses covered in Christmas lights on porches, doors, and in yards to remind people to have faith over fear. There are also many articles highlighting the hidden online awakening that is taking place. While the enemy meant to use the pandemic for evil, God has allowed it to reach hundreds of thousands through online church services. The Gospel cannot be contained—even when churches are not meeting as they have for 2000 years.

I love the sentiment of slogans such as “faith over fear,” and there is one key action all believers can take to move this slogan from a comforting thought to practical, daily, reality—an intentional, personal study of Bible prophecy. The main reason I feel called to write books on Bible prophecy and eschatology is that I believe a large percentage of the Church has never studied the topic and therefore many people miss out on the practical application needed at this very time in history. A basic understanding of Bible prophecy—along with some prayerful, personal study of the topic—goes a long way in bringing clarity, hope, encouragement, and courage at a time when it is needed most.

One other positive result of the Covid-19 pandemic is that many Christians are waking up to the fact that we are living in the season of the Lord’s return. I’ve had this platform for roughly 6 years now, and I’ve received more emails in the last month from Christians waking up to the reality of last days events than I have in the previous 6 years!

This global event has caused people to ask critical questions and seek real answers. Help me leverage this window of opportunity to provide hope, joy, and perspective at a critical time. Please share my website, books, and information about the Prophecy Pros Podcast with your friends and loved ones. Also, please prayerfully read the rest of this newsletter to see how else the Lord might lead you to pray and support our efforts.

God bless each one of you as you study, watch, and share!

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