If you are fuzzy about your specific calling as an artist, feel stuck or confused, want to take your skills to another level, wonder if you were built for something more, or if you need advice and direction from a trusted voice to figure out which way to go with your creative career, this e-book is for you.

To be honest, I hate talking about my experience, but I want to leverage every experience I’ve had in my education and career to help you discover your strengths, thrive as a creative, avoid pitfalls, and use your gifts to make the world a better place. In a career of over 25 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work in animation, illustration, graphic design, book design and layout, oversize print design, exhibit design, themed environment design, mural painting, art direction, visual development, character design, prop design, layout and background design, voice acting, voice directing, creative project management, IP development, motion graphics and compositing, sound design, writing, consulting, and creative coaching.

I have also led creative teams; taught workshops at large events, executive produced, marketed, and sold animated DVD and online products; been a commercial and short format director; licensed artwork, characters, and content; developed IP’s for Timbuktoons and several other companies/organizations; worked with an agent, pitched concepts to major kids networks including Cartoon Network, Disney Television, Nickelodeon, The Hub, PBS Kids, and more; worked with government agencies, for-profit companies, and non-profit organizations; branded and/or rebranded local, and national organizations; incorporated 3 companies in 2 different states; developed financial plans and secured intellectual property investors; worked with intellectual property lawyers; interviewed and hired creative employees; worked on multiple interactive/game projects for all key tablet and phone formats.

If you are a “creative” of any stripe, this e-book was written just for you. If you want to find a sense of clarity, purpose, and passion, and if you want to develop a practical game plan to help you move forward with motivation and intentionality, you simply must have this e-book!

You were born at a great time. In many ways, we are in a modern day Renaissance for creatives. There are significant cultural, economic, and technological factors that have converged in this generation that provide an opportunity for you like no other time in history. With the number of new found opportunities for artists, supported by creative industry reports predicting continued growth, it is critically important for creatives to find clarity.

There are hundreds of ways to make a living as an artist, so it’s more important than ever to figure out exactly what you were built for. You need to discover your calling and identify your core creative marketable strengths, then you need to set goals, plan your work, then work your plan. This extensive e-book is designed to help you do just that.

Please share this with other artists and stay tuned. I’m putting the finishing touches on a release date and we’ll announce that very soon. I want as many artists as possible to know about this book because I believe it will change the trajectory of their career. More importantly, I believe it will give them a sense of purpose, passion, and motivation like they have never had before. I can’t wait to launch this e-book. Please help get the word out!

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