I just did the math and it took a full 9 months to produce the content (written and artwork) for the book! This was the most demanding project I’ve ever worked on—but I knew it would be, and it was a labor of love. I put so much research and effort into making some very complex things simple to understand and easy to form the readers own convictions after taking in the content.

My wife and kids have been such a huge support and have put up with me talking about the book and it’s contents for the past 9 months. My agent Ruth, and my editor at Harvest House have been great to work with. They have made the process work smoothly, given great advice, and have encouraged me in the messy middle where I felt like it was never going to get done.


I took 9 months to produce, but that was after a year of developing, polishing, and reworking the framework and book proposal. And that was after a few years of personal in-depth study on all things Bible prophecy related.

Extended development ALWAYS makes the final product better. To use an analogy from the animation world: films that have a long development period tend to have a much better story. Pixar is famous for allowing their films to develop for many years before going into production. They give their films adequate time to “find their center.”

The same was true for this book. It will take a few days for someone to read, but it will have taken over 5 years to get into their hands! I believe this book will have something for everyone: non-Christians seeking truth, new Christians, people who have been believers for a long time, pastors and church leaders, high-school and college students, and more.

This will make a great witnessing tool and a great gift for people you want to reach in a way that isn’t completely foreign to them. The artwork and funny comic strips will disarm the typical resistance you might get if you presented them with a typical Bible prophecy book. There’s even a chapter that explains the gospel and how to receive Christ after considering the claims of Bible prophecy and how it points to a divine author with a 100% accurate track record of predicting the future.

We’re picking some target markets for sure, but this book will have a very broad application.


Next up is a final pass of edits after the editor reads the whole book in context. After that, layout and design, then heavy promotion this summer while the book is being printed.


The book will officially release September 8, 2018 following an extensive promotional push in the upcoming Spring/Summer months. If you would like to be notified about special perks, promotions, updates, events, and launch team opportunities, please email me at todd[at]timbuktoons.com or sign up for my e-newsletter.

Stay tuned and please share! This book will literally have something for everyone!

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