I wanted to give a quick update on the book and other related matters. Read below and please share with friends and family!


It’s over five years of study and research condensed into an easy-to-follow visual guide! If you have ever been turned off by Bible prophecy, buckle up because this book is going to reignite a passion for God’s word and new-found realization of how relevant (and understandable) Bible prophecy really is!

Scared of what you see in the world today? This book will show you how to live with faith, hope, and clarity.

Confused about various end-time views? This book cuts through the clutter and let’s the Bible interpret itself.

Skeptical the Bible is truly from God? This book presents concrete proof only God could have given the prophecies found in the Bible.

Turned off by sensationalism or bad teaching about Bible prophecy and the end times? This book lays a solid foundation to properly understand our times.

Convinced that Bible prophecy isn’t relevant for everyday Christian life? This book will put prophecy in a new, healthy, practical light to face the challenges in your life right now!

Wondering what your purpose is? This book will show you how God sovereignly placed you in this generation for specific reasons!


I’ve completed the first draft for all of the chapters and my editor is making notes on the latter chapters while I’m continuing to work on chapter art work. I’ve heard it said that writers don’t like to write as much as they like to have written. It’s always rewarding when the work is done, but during production it’s just plain old hard work. But, it’s hard work I feel called to do so I’m super thankful for this opportunity.

I honestly never dreamed that I would work with my publisher of choice along side such great authors like Ron Rhodes, Jeff Kinley, Tim LaHaye, Mark Hitchcock, Terry James, and Ed Hindson on my first Bible prophecy book! The Lord has opened several doors over the past 2 years to make this dream a reality—confirming each time that this book is needed more than ever today!


The book will officially release September 2018 following an extensive promotional push in the upcoming Spring/Summer months. If you would like to be notified about special perks, promotions, updates, events, and launch team opportunities, please email me at todd[at]timbuktoons.com or sign up for my e-newsletter.

Stay tuned and please share! This book will literally have something for everyone!
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