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This short video highlights the last 4 verses of Daniel chapter 9 which provide key information for God’s plan from Daniel’s time to the end of history.

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Hey, I’m Todd Hampson, and this is another Bible prophecy minute. Today, I want to talk to you about the last four verses in Daniel, Chapter Nine. It’s known as the 70 weeks of Daniel Nine. And it follows a time where Daniel was pouring out his heart and confessing his sins and the nation’s sins to God, and then God basically sent an angel and gave him the full history of the Jewish people from Daniel’s time until the end.

These last four verses are so important to understand for all end-time events. It’s the framework in which Revelation and Matthew 24 and the Olivet Discourse all fit into, and it’s the thing that sets up all the key information we know about the anti-Christ, the time period of the tribulation period and what happens at the midpoint of the tribulation period.

Now, you’ll notice it talks about 70 weeks, and these are weeks of years, kind of how we say decades, and the context kind of gives that away. But anyway, I wanted to spark your interest in the last four verses of Daniel, Chapter Nine. They’re key to understanding Bible prophecy and specifically end-time events. I’ll put some links in the bottom that also have further study, if you want to study this out a little bit more, but I just want to challenge you today and peak your interest in the last four verses of Daniel, Chapter Nine.

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