Torn from the Pages of My Personal Journal

Using the S.O.A.P. method again, I also capitalized the verbs in the application section to make sure what I wrote in the application section was action-oriented.

Acts 13:31—For many days he was seen by those who had traveled with him from Galilee to Jerusalem. THEY ARE NOW HIS WITNESSES to our people (emphasis mine).

We can’t force people to follow Christ, we are just witnesses.
Witnesses just tell what they have seen.
Witnesses can’t keep quiet.
Witnesses know what they have seen and they can’t deny it.
Witnesses are ok with not being understood.
Witnesses are ok with being “crazy” in the world’s eyes.
Witnesses base their faith on facts/evidence (“…for many days he was seen…”)

We need to REST in just being witnesses.
We need to SHARE what we know and BE UNDERSTANDING to where people are.
We can’t prove our faith, but we can POINT to evidence and just tell what we’ve seen.
Just LIFT JESUS UP and TELL what you have seen.
TRUST that God will use our simple faithfulness as his witnesses.

Lord, help me to rest in being a simple witness today. Help me to be bold, but not obnoxious if you provide an opportunity for me to talk about you. In fact, I pray for an opportunity to talk about you to someone today. Help me to be open to and aware of your leading. Use me today to point people to you and your ways. Use me to help them see how blessed it is to know you as Savior and walk with you daily.

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