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I had the extreme privilege last week to interview Bible prophecy author Terry James. The interview is about 40 minutes, but I could have talked to him for hours. His depth of Biblical knowledge and Bible prophecy is immense and his thoughtful response to each question could easily fill a series of blog posts. It’s no wonder why Terry has been involved in well over 33 book projects. In fact, he just released a new one this week! I wasn’t aware he had a new book coming out, but I’m glad the timing of this interview worked out so I could mention his book to you. You can read all about it here.

Terry James is the author, general editor, and co-author of numerous books on Bible prophecy which have sold hundreds of thousands of copies. He is a frequent lecturer and conference speaker and has appeared in major documentaries around the world. Terry James is an active member of the PreTrib Research Center Study Group, a prophecy research think-tank founded by Dr. Tim LaHaye, best known for the “Left Behind” series. He is also partner and general editor of the website, a site that is the attraction of national and international media, and was recently rated as the #1 Bible prophecy website on the Internet.

Terry James has been blind since 1993 due to a degenerative retinal disease (retinitis pigmentosa). His former profession was in public relations, advertising, marketing, and publicity and promotion. He received his education from Arkansas Polytechnic Institute, Memphis Academy of Arts, and University of Arkansas at Little Rock. He served in both corporate and government positions for 25 years, before becoming a full-time writer. Terry was also in the United States Air Force from October 1966 through October 1970.) He served at Randolph AFB, Texas, in the T-38 section, a mission dedicated to training pilots in high-performance jet fighter-trainers. Terry James and his wife, Margaret, live near Little Rock, Arkansas.

In the interview we talk bout many things including: the logical necessity of the PreTrib view (along with a call for unity with believers who hold other views), the practical implications of Bible prophecy, the undeniable signs of the times we see in our day, the importance of an eternal perspective, God’s future plan for Israel and the church, the effect of a true belief in the Bible as the word of God, and many other things!

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