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I was so excited to interview Jeff Kinley this week. In this interview we talk about Jeff’s background and experiences from Dallas Theological Seminary, his latest projects, the practical outcomes of studying Bible prophecy and being awake to the times in which we live, and the fact that God is still on the throne. We also talked about some key Biblical signs that are screaming at us today, God’s perfect track record of keeping his word through fulfilled prophecy, and so much more.

This interview runs about 45 minutes and is jam-packed with tons of relevant information for us all.

Jeff Kinley is a bestselling author whose books have sold in the hundreds of thousands and translated into languages around the world. He is a nationally-known speaker and former pastor. He is on a life-long mission to empower others with God’s vintage truth and inspiration. Jeff has written over 30 books and served in the local church ministry for over 20 years. In 2000 he founded Main Thing Ministries. He went to Dallas Theological Seminary…which just happens to be (what I would consider) THE best Seminary to study Bible prophecy with a long track record of amazing professors and Deans who make up some of the best minds in Bible prophecy of the past 80 years. Jeff writes on a breadth of Christian topics but one of his key topics and interests seems to be Bible prophecy. He recently started a podcast called The Vintage Truth Podcast which releases twice per week and is heard in 15 countries!  You can listen to it on iTunes and you can find more information about his ministry and resources at

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