God’s fulfilled promises are a powerful reminder of the trustworthiness of his Word. Prophecy makes up nearly 30 percent of the Bible—and of that, 75 percent has already been accomplished!

With The Chronological Guide to Bible Prophecy, author and illustrator Todd Hampson will deepen your sense of wonder for the Bible’s complete accuracy while guiding you through a timeline of God’s pledges to his people. You will…

• examine completed Bible prophecies—and witness how these unbroken promises create a clear and compelling apologetic for your faith

• understand the prophesied events that are still to come and the order in which they will occur

• grow in reverence for our incredible God, who uses prophecy to make his amazing faithfulness known to us.

This fun and informative book provides a comprehensive survey of the many prophecies found in Scripture, underlining their themes and illuminating why they bring us hope today. Complete with Todd’s signature illustrations, The Chronological Guide to Bible Prophecy is an invaluable resource for prophecy newcomers and enthusiasts alike.

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