Flood Evidence, Religious Freedom, 6 Signs, Archaeology, Ezekiel 38, Tribulation

Scientific Talk About Evidence for the Flood 

Answers In Genesis Presentation
This hour long presentation shares compelling information, photos, and charts about the Grand Canyon’s treasure trove of scientific support for the flood of Genesis 6. Even if you watch the first 5 minutes, you’ll get a lot out of the content.

Religious Freedom Takes a Hit in Canada, Eh? 

You Want Religious Freedom? Take Off!

6 Compelling Signs

Hal Lindsey
Veteran prophecy expert shares a fresh view on 6 compelling end-time sign categories.

Yet Another Archeological Discovery Confirming Biblical Accounts

Biblical History in Your Hands

3 Signs That Ezekiel 38 is on the Horizon

Hope for Our Times
My friend Tom Hughes shares another short video update about Ezekiel 38 developments shaping up before our eyes.

Who’s Crazy Now?

Related to Tom’s assessment above, here are 4 modern day fulfillments associated with Ezekiel 38.

The Non Prophet’s Mid Trib Coffee Solution

And for some comedy relief…

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