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Reaching Generation Z!

Barna Research Article—Parents and Pastors: Partners in Gen Z Discipleship
Fewer U.S. teens than adults believe core theological tenets of the Christian faith—and teens who do make orthodox faith claims are not quite as sure about them as adults.

Celebrating 10 Years of the Bible App – YouVersion

Great video highlighting the history, vision, and statistics/reach related to the YouVersion Bible App literally getting the Bible into millions of peoples hands. At Timbuktoons we’ve had the privilege of working with YouVersion (Bible App For Kids)

3 Easy Rules to Understand Revelation

Todd Hampson
Studying the Book of Revelation is intimidating and it does take some intentional work to understand it. But, it’s no where near as intimidating as you think if you keep three rules in mind.

Dinosaur Fossils Often Found With Soft Tissue – What Does It This Mean?

Answers In Genesis
Hardly a month passes without new reports of “soft tissue” discovered in fossils. Could this material last millions of years? We need to see what laboratory studies show us about tissue decay.

Antichrist, America, and the End of Days

Harvest Ministries/Message By Greg Laurie
(Message begins at 25 min.) This is part of Harvest’s End of Days series. The title may sound old-school, but this fresh and extremely relevant message will take you by surprise, keep you on the end of your seat, AND give you practical application for your life today as we view events in our country through the eyes of Bible prophecy.

The Non-Prophet’s Wardrobe
The latest fashion trends for prophets brought to you by The Non-Prophet

A Tower of Skulls

BreakPoint/Eric Metaxas
“Hey, don’t judge.” We hear those words a lot. But it takes real commitment to say them while staring at 130 thousand murder victims. The point is it’s impossible to live as a consistent cultural or moral relativist.

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