When it comes to encouraging your kids to have an authentic relationship with God, Bible prophecy might seem like an unusual source for inspiration.

But when you think about it, Bible prophecy reveals a lot about who God is and why we should follow His plan for our lives.

After all, if all that God said would happen in the Bible came true, then it stands to reason that we can believe what God says about us and follow His plan for our lives.

Bible prophecy builds our trust in God.
If God says it will happen in the Bible, it will happen (or has happened) already. Kids can believe that God is who He says He is.

Fulfilled prophecies give us hope for the future.
Based on the 100% accuracy of Bible prophecies, young people can look ahead with confidence and excitement, knowing that God’s promises for their future will indeed come true.   

God’s end times promises bring us comfort.
It’s natural for children (adults too, if we’re being fully honest) to be alarmed when they hear about some of the scary and unsettling things taking place in the world. Knowing that God will one day bring an end to all pain, evil, and suffering provides great assurance to all believers.

Bible prophecy gives us a sense of purpose.
Through prophecies, God has revealed His plan for all mankind, and that includes clear instructions on our role within that plan—to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and love God and others will our heart.

This means that whenever confusion arises about what direction we should take in life, there’s always a roadmap readily available to set us back on track. Each one of us has a purpose and a place in God’s plan.

By sharing the prophecies that comprise a large part of the Bible with our children, we can give them hope, comfort, peace, joy, and more, as they encounter the infallible and incredible promises of God.

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