From Script to Screen and Everything In-between

Timbuktoons has been around since 2003 and has worked with clients such as: Phil Vischer (VeggieTales/What’s In The Bible?), iDisciple/Family Christian Stores, The Salvation Army, KidsMatter/Awana, Compassion International, OneHope, YouVersion Bible App for Kids, and many more. See info below!


We’re the studio next door even though we’re not. Location and time zones don’t hold us back. We were cloud before cloud was cool and we have the tools and experience to make you feel like we’re in the next room. We develop concepts from the ground up, or we can offer custom fit services at any point in your pipeline.

Here’s a snapshot of the services we offer at Timbuktoons.

Whether it’s for little screens or big screens, games, apps, explainer videos, commercials, or ID packages, we can help…and we take you along for the creative journey. Ready for some screentime?

A compelling story falls flat without visually compelling characters. That’s where we come in. Designing kid-centric and kid-loved characters is at the heart of every project we deliver.

Designing a look and feel for your concept starts with awesome art direction. We have a big team of illustrators, visual development artists, art directors, background designers, and a leadership team with extensive art direction chops.

Timbuktoons lives at the intersection of technology and art. Quality apps, games, and online features demand both. To stay in our sweet spot, we partner with agencies to turn our art and animation into apps to swipe, click, shake, turn, and play!

Our love for design and making things move shows in our motion graphics work. We can help you explain concepts visually, convey key brand and event messaging, animate your logo, or create a graphics package for your productions.

We started with our own line of shorts and we develop and pitch our own show concepts too. Here are a few! Animated or live-action our focus is on creating stories that captivate and entertain the soul. Got an idea for a show? We develop for clients too!

Timbuktoons has helped local, regional, and national brands launch, relaunch, and retool their brands from the ground up. We help organizations discover who they are and tell a better story at every touchpoint.

Got a project you need help with? Email me at todd[at]timbuktoons[dot]com!