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The Lord’s Feasts And What They Mean For Us Today (e-booklet)
This 14 page booklet is a primer on the Lord’s Feasts and what they mean for us today. Complete with illustrations, easy-to-understand charts, and practical application—this booklet shows how God’s word is divinely inspired and how prophecy is fulfilled down to the smallest detail. 


Get Clear. Get Going. (Workbook)
This 19 page workbook will help any artist gain clarity on their calling as a Christian artist (of any stripe) and determine next steps. Feel free to share with the Christian artist in your life. This workbook has helped high-school students, college students, artists entering the workforce, and artists struggling to define their calling or attempting to make a career switch.

Calling All Artists (e-book)
This 209 page book is a great follow up—and a deeper dive—to the workbook above. Endorsed by several influential Christian producers and artists, it’s sure to help any Christian artist own their calling and use their unique talents to impact the world for Christ. This handy book also includes 12 practical interviews with artists, producers, writers, musicians, and designers from Disney, Sony Pictures Animation, Cartoon Network, Disney Television, Dreamworks, and more. Christians should be salt and light in their industry, and this book helps you figure out how.

Here’s what people are saying:

An immensely practical guide for the creative in all of us. Todd Hampson’s work has blessed me and thousands of others – his writing about the nuts and bolts of being a working creative will bless many more. Highly recommended!
Phil Vischer — Creator of VeggieTales and What’s in the Bible?

When someone with Todd Hampson’s credentials and experi- ence talks about creativity, I listen. In fact, his new book, “Calling All Artists” was the kick in the pants I needed to move forward on my next project. If you live a creative life (and all of us should), then I recommend the book. You won’t regret it.
Phil Cooke — filmmaker, media consultant, and author of One Big Thing: Discovering What You Were Born to Do

Having been an adjunct professor in the cinema and media de- partments of two major universities, I know rsthand the positive impact this book will have on students. Whether graduating from college or deciding what to do with your life, this book answers hard questions, provides insightful information, and gives you life changing tips on how to make better choices and start a creative career in the 21st century.
Kathleen Cooke — kathleencooke.com, Co-Founder Cooke Pictures

Todd Hampson’s “Calling All Artists” e-book is a GREAT tool for anyone just getting into animation or even those that have been in it awhile and want to reinvent themselves and/or reignite their pas- sions. As artists, we are not very good at looking internally or into the future, so planning our careers is a mysterious journey. Todd really gets you to organize your thoughts and aline them with your talents! That is THE path to success for any artist! Additionally, his optimistic viewpoint toward the industry, and his excitement about it, is a breath of fresh air we all need to hear!
Tom Bancroft — former Disney Supervising Animator, Director, Studio Owner, Character Designer, Author


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