Dress Rehearsal Or The Real “Deal”?

With the news of the US officially recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital today, and additional plans to move the US embassy to Jerusalem—I have a sense that things may be about to shift into overdrive. In related matters, recent reports about the soon-to-be-revealed mideast peace plan unveil some interesting details as well. These two developments are related politically and prophetically.

God seems to use unexpected figures to move certain pieces of the end-times puzzle into place—believers and non-believers alike. Theodore Herzl. Lord Balfour. Harry Truman (and just about every US president since). And now it seems, Donald Trump. With everything else converging, the timing of the self-professed ultimate deal-maker’s mideast plan is something of extreme interest to those who study future Biblical events with one eye on the daily news. This time the deal is—from early reports I’ve seen so far—quite a bit different than any previous attempt.

It appears, that there won’t be an attempt to divide the land and that Egypt will offer some of it’s land in the Sinai for the Palestinians. (I pray that is the case. If  the US attempts to divide the land, I don’t believe it will be a good thing for anyone pushing for it). Also, the tension between the shiite and sunni worlds have apparently provided unlikely allies for Israel. For the first time ever, Saudi Arabia and Israel are on the same side of an emerging coalition.

We learn about a key end-time agreement that officially begins the tribulation period in Daniel chapter nine. I’m curious about the wording of verse 27 which tells us the man of sin will confirm a covenant with many for seven years and then break it in the middle. The wording suggests that some type of well-known treaty between many nations and Israel will be confirmed, enforced, or somehow finalized. You get the impression that the antichrist is not the author of the treaty, but pushes it to the finish line.

Let’s speculate for a moment—and let’s be clear I’m speculating as I see world events converging in textbook fashion in every end-times sign category. Could it be that the innate desire of Trump—the ultimate deal-maker himself—to succeed where every other recent US president has failed, and actually get the Israeli-Palestinian deal formulated in such a way that all that is left is for the parties to do is sign the treaty?

I think it’s safe to say that Donald Trump is not the antichrist—although many secularists would have you believe he is something worse. He simply doesn’t fit the qualifications described in Scripture and is a surprisingly unlikely character, being used of God (I believe) to hold back the tidal wave of Globalism and evil for a bit longer. I’m not saying that he’s a great leader or a godly man. What I am saying is that he seems uniquely prepared for this exact moment in history.

Vice President Pence and a few others who have met directly with Trump on matters of faith say that he is indeed now a believer. That being said, Trump’s young Christian faith (or cultural acceptance of Christian principles, I’m not sure which but the Lord knows) doesn’t seem to be grounded enough in the knowledge of end-time events, to surpass his desire to be the guy that gets the impossible deal done.

In other words, Trump doesn’t seem to understand that this deal sounds a whole lot like the “covenant with many” spoken of in Daniel 9. If the details of this deal are what early reports are saying, this may be the end-time deal we’ve all been waiting for. If that’s the case, Trump is not the guy that will ultimately get it done. Something major will have to happen IF this is the deal, and IF everything aligns as spelled out in Scripture.

IF that’s the case, here’s my prayer—that Trump is indeed a believer and is caught up in the rapture along with all believers. In that case, it would make sense that the one who confirms a covenant with many—i.e. enforces an agreement already set up but not yet enacted—would be someone other than a Trump. Perhaps, a charismatic European leader who seems to have all the answers after the rapture?

Again, I’m just speculating. The deal could unexpectedly hit a stall or be drastically different than early reports suggest, but again, the overwhelming convergence of signs and conditions are unprecedented and cause me to sense in my gut that this is a very significant development. Timing is everything—and only time will tell if this is the final version or just another closer iteration of the prophesied end-times treaty spoken of in Daniel 9.

What do you think? Chime in below and let me know. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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85 thoughts on “Dress Rehearsal Or The Real “Deal”?

  1. I feel God has his hand over America because President Trump and Vice President Pence are indeed believers in his Son Jesus. God is making everything clearer as we get closer to his coming just as he said it would. I check out current events everyday that you place on your website. Thank you Jan for always being here, may God keep you able to do his work for all of us.

    In Christ love

  2. Very interesting article. I believe we are definitely close to the rapture. Just look at Russia, Iran, and Turkey all in Syria, Closer than ever to Israel. This may be the deal spoke of in Daniel 9. I think the deal puts Judea and Samaria under Palastienian control doesn’t it?

    • Definitely a lot lining up! I haven’t had a chance to read any more today about the details coming out regarding the deal. I saw that Amir Tsarfati has a live update tonight. I’m sure he’ll have a very good assessment with lots of relevant and vetted info to consider. Thanks for sharing Joseph!

  3. Thank you for the input.

    I do not think that your reading of Daniel 9: 26 – 28 is correct. Please read Revelation the Fair God; it is a free ebook at smashwords.com, or at Barnes & Nobles or at iBook. There is a short sub-chapter where the author reconciles Daniel 9 with Revelation. You can like it or reject it; but it certainly makes better sense of these scriptures.

    Thank you though for your note,


  4. I think your assessment of the Donald is right on. Good article…good speculating. As ever, how our ideas play out proves our skills/gifts of discernment.

    • Thanks Sandra! We’ll see I suppose. Only time will tell. It is amazing how many things are currently lined up.

  5. Interesting times, as nothing is turning out the way we THOUGHT,,, including the support of the Sauds. Id say, enjoy the ride!

  6. Thank you, God, for the courage of President Trump. I fear for his life – not only at the hands of the globalists/elites but also all of Islam and the crazy, lawless groups which have occupied the last year’s news. Father God, please send your angels protect him. Only you know his heart, and I am begging you to keep him safe amid all of the hate around the world for him. He is a modern day Cyrus, I do believe.

  7. Something has been on my heart for 2 days now playing in my mind and that is when you see Christmas lights and Christmas trees and hear Christmas music you know that Christmas is just around the corner.

  8. I too pray Trump is truly a believer. I don’t think that he really has been a believer long, though and doesn’t understand the importance of this move. Praise God he did it though. I believe we are right at the door to the rapture of the church. I believe we are going to have a wild ride from here on out.

  9. Interesting article. Just want to point out that in other translations of that verse, it is not “confirm the covenant,” but rather “make a firm covenant” with the many. I agree that Trump is not the AntiChrist. I also still think he’s a European. IF the Ezekiel 38 war is going to happen first, then I think the peace deal is a way off yet. And, could it be that the peace deal actually is a peace treaty that happens to conclude the Ezekiel war? After all, the Muslim nations will have been stripped of their power by God in that war, and won’t be in any position to hold out for unreasonable demands. That way, the Temple Mount won’t be such an issue of contention and will likely be conceded. There are so many ways this thing could go, but I pray it isn’t too much longer. Come Lord Jesus!

  10. You speculated. I will speculate. Ezekiel 38 could now be in view. There are many characters in this passage of Scripture; Russia, Turkey, Iran, other Muslim countries. If Turkey gets enough Muslims motivated and leads an invasion of Israel due to this perceived insult to Islamic feelings, will Russia and Iran try to take advantage of the situation. Will Russian leader Putin be Rosh and the hooks in his jaw be the opportunity to seize all the Israeli oil and gas fields so he can monopolize the energy market. This begs the question, where is America in this scenario? Will America be in great chaos after the Rapture of the Church? The next few months (or days?) could be very interesting from a Bible prophecy standpoint.

  11. If you study Isaiah 28, the deal to be confirmed is likely to be between Israel and the Catholic Church. Bill Salus offers great teachings regarding the subject.

    Thank you for your article.


  12. Thank you for the article. I especially appreciated the fact that you state that you are “speculating.” That is the best any of us can do. I also noticed the term “confirm” but until yesterday couldn’t see anything to confirm or even where it would come from. Now I think I can see a little clearer how things may work. We must keep watching in order to determine if this is the real deal or not.

  13. The stage is being set for the arrival of the two witnesses. They will be the catalyst for initiating the building and accomplishing the fulfillment of the tribulation temple IMO. – for who is able to withstand their amazing and awesome powers they will have for the first half of the tribulation. Their fearsome powers will be the open door for Israel at this time and when they will once again establish their temple worship. Read what the Bible tells us about these two witnesses:

    Revelation 11:3 Context

    1 And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, Rise, and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein. 2 But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months. 3 And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth. 4 These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth. 5 And if any man will hurt them, fire proceedeth out of their mouth, and devoureth their enemies: and if any man will hurt them, he must in this manner be killed. 6 These have power to shut heaven, that it rain not in the days of their prophecy: and have power over waters to turn them to blood, and to smite the earth with all plagues, as often as they will.

    In light of their amazing powers, it appears to me that the two witnesses will have a major role regarding the Covenant that is to be confirmed by the many. I don’t know how, exactly, but their power is not to be argued with according to the Revelation scripture. The rebuilding of the temple will be their number one priority at the beginning of the Tribulation and that fact in itself would necessitate some kind of agreement or acceptance by the many in order to prevent a major escalation or outright war with Israel.

    Any thoughts ?

      • You’re welcome and thank you for sharing your knowledge and insights.

        I didn’t mention what was initially to be my response to the subject matter and that is the sudden appearance of the two witnesses and the 144,000 Jewish evangelists to follow – what would be the reason for the church to be here? There is no reason as they will be replaced with God’s chosen people in these end times (i.e. the 7 yr. Tribulation). Israel was chosen to be the FIRST to proclaim the message of Christ and now they are the LAST- as prophesied – whereas the Church was the LAST who became the FIRST to proclaim the salvation message of Jesus Christ due to the rejection of Israel towards the Messiah.

        • love what you shared about first being last/last being first etc. I believe there are often layers of fulfillment hidden in passages of Scripture. God bless!

    • Very interesting comment by Judith Pool. Never connected the comment about the church being last and then first (last to proclaim Jesus BUT first to go) during the first coming and last to go BUT during the second coming Israel will be last to proclaim his testimony BUT first to go. (paraphrased her comment so my comment maybe dissimilar in ways. (sorry Judith, feel free to reword comment if paraphrased incorrectly) This comment was do on the money but no connection made until Judith’s post and I started studying in 1976. Yes I know I am OLD. Rich ( my son) used to ask what it was like on the ark (cause since I am older than dirt, I must know) and then started laughing. LOL. God took him home in 2013 and looking forward to seeing him again. of course that will be after I see Jesus first and Rich will be hiding behind Jesus since I will want to bop him for making him first to see Jesus. We were supposed to be rapture together not him cheating do he meets him first. Looking forward to meeting you all and of course you will know who I am when you see my son trying to hide behind Jesus the only one who will be able to stop me from bopping him. LOL. everyone have a blessed day and will see you on the first ever start of eternity.

      • Thanks for sharing Terri and sorry for what you must have gone through when your son passed. Indeed it will thrilling to reunite with our loved ones who have died before us! I agree w/ you that if we are close, the Pope makes a perfect candidate for the false prophet and that the AC would be a different individual…probably from western Europe (though I’m not dogmatic about that). God bless you my friend and keep in touch. Exciting times we are living in.

  14. Jared Kushner? Young, charismatic, orthodox Jew but rather secular, relatively unknown “little horn” that owns and lives in a building with the address 666. His family, I understand, are globalists. As long as we are just speculating (and we should be looking for Christ, not Antichrist) when the Rapture takes place and (if) Pres. Trump is taken out, Jared Kushner (because of his position in the administration) might be the one that finalizes the deal.

    • Yet another possibility. It is odd that his building has that address. Definitely agree about looking for Christ. These are amazing times. Can’t wait until we get to view it all in the rear view mirror to see exactly how it all plays out. Thanks for sharing Ernesto!

  15. I like your speculation, it causes the little gray cells to become stimulated (as M. Poirot says). It is worthwhile to ruminate upon. I would like to add that 3 years from now is 2020, presidential election time. Don’t get me wrong. I am a Deplorable, and I applaud everything Mr. Trump has done. I would vote for him again. Mayhap God has other things in view.

  16. We are in unusual, interesting, perilous times. Russia, N Korea. China. Iran.
    Trump resisting globalism, slowing its advance. New, very differentr peace deal. Us divided politically, morally, spiritually. Good called evil, evil called good.

    1. The wrath and judgment of God for the sin of this nation are being poured out in measured amounts. Leaders’ sin exposed. Good called evil (standing for righteousness=discrimination lawsuits-bakers, photographers), evil called good (homosexual ‘marriage’, etc); deep political, moral, spiritual divisions; leaders acting like children; lawlessness (condoned)… See Ro ch. 1 and 2

    2. It is time to make an end of sin so as to be ready when Jesus returns soon. We can’t do so for others, but we can deal with our own sin.

    3. God’s blessing (economy, some protection from enemies) is present. This must be used to turn from sin. God’s KINDNESS leads to REPENTANCE.

    4. If this nation continues to move deeper into sin and depravity, severe trials will multiply and grow worse.

    5. Jesus will return soon.

  17. Wow…my thoughts exactly. Trump is unknowingly setting the stage for the antichrist to ‘confirm’ the deal, which is my understanding of Daniel 9:27. Listening to Trump speak certainly made me feel we were taking a giant leap in the convergence of signs and imminencey of the rapture. Granted speculation but the anticipation is palpable.
    Blessings to you

  18. I totally agree that the Holy Spirit through President Trump is holding back the globalists and their near future agenda. The European antichrist will seal the deal, not Trump. Naming Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and eventually moving the U.S. embassy their made sure Trump is not going to ink the deal. It definitely seems like the blueprint if it is according to the original U.N. agreement and not the Egypt agreement. Forget it being a blueprint if Egyptian land is involved. It will not get inked if that is so.

  19. I believe the Psalms 83 prophecy will take place first where all the Muslim nations that touch the borders of Israel (Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Palestinian Org in Gaza will invade Israel which Psalms 83:4 says: “They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance.” Psalms 83:4. After Israel defeats these nations and expands its borders to include these nations, which will also include the complete destruction of Damascus, Israel will have access to oil fields in those nations. Israel will then feel secure and be at peace because the nations surrounding them will no longer be threat, and they will tear down their walls, just Ezekiel 38 states when Gog Magog war with Israel will take place. Because of the rich natural resources that Israel will have then, because Israel will become a great force in the Middle East, it will threaten the Muslims in the outer circle around Israel, forcing Russia, and these other Muslim nations to invade Israel, and in effect will be drawn to fight Israel (God’s hook in the jaws of Magog and its hords). Ezekiel 39 states that only 1/7 of the military that comes against Israel and the nation from where they came from will survive. This will enable the European Union of nations to become the dominant force where the antichrist will rise. I believe that Emanuel Macron is an excellent candidate for that position. His education is vast, and has ties to the Rothschild & Cie Banque.

    This, of course, is only conjecture since we can’t know the exact scenario that will take place during the fulfillment of the Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38-39 prophecies, but it keeps Christians who are curious about Bible Prophecy for the End of Days on our toes, and reminds us By Jesus Christ Himself to: “Be always on the watch, and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen, and that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man.” Luke 21:36

  20. I like to speculate as well. I am looking for what bible prophecy watchers are looking for…that is the perfect storm. I am looking for possibly the Psalm 83 war between Israel and her immediate neighbors Hezbollah, Hamas, maybe Syria, and Iran. This might be the point at which Israel takes out all of Iran’s nuclear facilities. Israel will use Saudi Arabian airspace as has been reported a while ago. At this same time, the world economy is going to meltdown from the biggest bubble ever. It will be of historic biblical proportions. In the aftermath of an Israeli victory, the rapture will happen. Soon after, maybe a month of world uncertainty, the first seal judgment happens. The rise of antichrist/hamadi after his head wound is healed. How about when ISIS beheads the Pope and 3 days later, he comes back from the dead and is healed. Then soon after the covenant with the many is signed, seal number 2 happens. The rider on the red horse is the invasion of Israel by a coalition of countries led by “red” Russia, Iran, and Turkey. In the aftermath of this Israeli victory by God himself, Turkey’s Erdogan becomes the false prophet/muslim jesus to affirm the Pope is the islamic hamadi of islam prophecy. Erdogan is then recognized by islam as jesus the muslim…biblical false prophet. Just saying…

    • I believe the pope is the false prophet and NOT the Antichrist. Pope already stated more than one way to get to heaven. Atheists also go to heaven (according to pope). Today made comment wants to chance line of the Lord’s day. I believe(could be misunderstanding) the AC and the FALSE PROPHET are two different people BUT when the AC is revealed we will be with our Lord and Savior

  21. One more thing. The reason I believe that Pope Francis is the antichrist is because if you do a serious thorough investigation of the RCC, you understand that at the end of the Roman Empire, the Emporer title was handed down to the bishop of Rome, the Popes. This is why the RCC also calls itself the Holy Roman Empire as well. The Roman Empire is going from tge Roman Empire to the Holy Roman Empire and then in these last days, back to the Roman Empire alongside 10 and then 7 kings or countries of the European Common Market (Dan. 9:27). ISIS is threatening to invade the Vatican and behead Pope Francis. They may not have to come to Rome to do it. After the devastating aftermath id the Psalm 83 war, the Pope might travel to tge Middle East to propose the 7 year peace treaty/covenant of the many. He could be assassinated their trying to ink a peace treaty. Just saying and thinking…

  22. I believe Trump will successfully complete the peace deal without the Jewish state losing any land. His spirital advisors, such as Robert Jeffers has well instructed him on the ramifications of dividing the land.

  23. I follow prophecy rather closely. I just happen to come across your website and will add it to my list of valuable resources. This article gives another side to this issue of a peace deal that I have never considered. If God is using Trump to fulfill prophecy, I doubt he realizes it. Thank you for your insight.

  24. Oh my…all the things we’ve read in Scripture seem very close! Over 40 years of waiting for prophecy to be realized, and now it seems the “future” is almost “today.”. Because the 70th anniversary is coming up in May, perhaps we are witnessing that Day of Jacob’s Trouble about to arrive. Time to stock more food, clean the house, and leave a Bible and long note for whoever needs to move into the house when I’m gone. Hoping, too, some of those Jewish acquaintances I’ve met while in Israel (15 trips) will be among those 144,000. Praying they’ll read Zechariah 12:10 and discover their Messiah…just like Paul discovered Him!

    • To MJ a reader. Have you looked at Rapture Ready website? Jan has been on that website as I believe they have been mentioned on this. Anyway they put a list down that we (Christians should have when the church is rapture. I have been thinking of doing so. If anyone interested but cannot find this information on RR (rapture ready). TTYL

  25. This must be how Noah felt when the first drop hit his forehead. I hope Jesus will let me be raptured in slo-mo. I don’t want to miss a second!!!!!!!!

  26. I so agree that it’s ALL “converging” in an unbelievable way and in rapid succession!!! What you suggest “could” be the way it continues to unfold is very interesting! At this point it’s fun to wonder, but that scenario sounds quite plausible. Something is indeed coming to a crescendo. Blessings to you in Jesus` awesome name. Christy

    • Have you watched the DVD movie called ” Convergence”? Guess really documentary BUT compares the end time prophecies with what is going on now. You can rent or buy this DVD on Amazon. Let me know if you have difficulty and will try and help. Another person interested in the end of days has said she is from another country so unable to get movie not sure if this also includes DVD rentals as well

  27. I absolutely agree!! Thank you!! 70 years is a biblical generation in Psalm 90 and we are approaching that this May! Come Lord Jesus!

  28. Before reading, I was thinking the same thing about the confirmation of the covenant. That it would be something-the ultimate deal- already in place. I was encouraged reading similar thoughts here. What a fascinating time to be alive!!

  29. First off I believe Trump was put in this position by God for a reason. It’s time and Trump is indeed keeping the flood gates of evil from overtaking us right now! It’s all in Gods perfect timing! I also believe that Trump this wonderful man standing up for the US and listening to the people is saved!!! He made a wonderful choice choosing Pence!! Which is a great influence if Trump is indeed a new Christian!! I’m always watching for Gods return so for me this is exciting!!! This is the real deal! God Bless

  30. Jesus Christ came for a specific purpose – to die on a cross so that we could be forgiven for our sins and have eternal life – if we choose to believe. As the Scriptures tell us over and over that we are born to worship, glorify, and honor the Lord (our purpose). So, this is all about Him – not about us. One day soon, we too, shall be taken out of this world just as Jesus was – we will be changed and live again spiritually. After all that I’ve said – I believe that President Trump is where he is and doing what he is doing for this special time that God has called him for. Just as God used people in ancient times and these times we are for His pleasure and purpose and He deserves all that we are and all that we have. You are doing exactly what you should be doing because God has a plan for every life in this world and He planned your life long ago and sent you into this world to make a difference. May God bless you and give you continued purpose and blessings to be the change for those He places you with that are lost and in need. In His service, Irene

  31. Possibilities.
    1. Setting stage of 7yr peace treaty.
    2. Psalm 83 war (inner nations that are close around borders of israel)
    3. Exe 38-39 gog and mgog war. (Outer countries attacking israel)..
    Example like in the movie left behind with kirk cameton.
    True Bible believing christians see the signs all-around us..
    Mat 24.
    The increase in violence, wars and rumors of wars, pestilence coming back, signs in the heveans, family members against family members.
    Right becoming wrong, wrong becoming right.
    Killings(mass shootings),
    Hurricanes .
    False teachers.
    So much more.
    Judgement will start in the church 1st. Separating of who the true beleivers are within the church.
    Look at the parables..
    So many signs all around us..
    alignment of countries.
    (Isa 45). 45th President
    God uses who he puts in office of the president for a specefic purpose.
    Look at Saul and pharaoh in the OT.

  32. It gives great comfort, confidence that Yahweh is working this all out and that He can use anyone -believer or nonbeliever to forward His goal. If he can use Trump He can use me or you. The issue would be to honor or dishonor – our choice.

  33. I believe your thoughts are line with the scriptures and what God’s tells us concerning His plans for Israel. We as recipients of the promises and blessings God gave Abraham, are so blessed. God forbid that we should turn our backs on the”apple of His eye.” We must be watching, waiting, and longing for the return of our Lord. I believe His eminent return is so very close. God bless richly in your service to Him.

  34. I think it is Bible Prophecy time on this earth. Maranatha I am glad Trump did what he did, it is about time after so many prior Presidents promised it and did nothing. Yes, it will cause lots of problems but that is what the Bible said it would do.

    I wish he could do a lot more of what he intended to do but there are way to many Liberals in office that are holding any votes back. Ashamed he wasn’t in four years earlier but all in God’s timing. I am just praying if Jesus does not return that Trump will be in for a second term.

  35. Hi Todd,
    I am a first time reader. Agree with all you said. Where would I find the
    latest written work of the peace deal? Also, what do you make of President
    Trump first announcing Jerusalem is Israel’s capitol, saying we will move
    our embassy there but then signing the waiver to stall for another 6 months?
    I have read he actually supports the two-state solution. Thank you for your
    article. Any day now!
    A fellow believer and heir to the Kingdom of God,

    • Hey Rhonda. Thanks for commenting. I think signing the 6 month waiver in this case was legitimately to buy time for people to accept it and so they can pick the spot and make sure they have time to make it secure and make sure it’s ready to house everyone. Wouldn’t be surprised if it took another year or more to open it. Thanks for the encouraging words! Glad you enjoyed the post.

  36. Hello Todd,

    Just read your post on the RR page.
    Interesting you would post on this subject.
    I have been following prophecy for many years and RR since about 1998 or so.
    I have never seen so many signs coming together as they are now! And I have never seen as many nay Sayers about prophecy as there are in these days!
    From the Rev12 sign that was shown to John. The appearing of the Solar Eclipse and all of the signs that were associated with that.
    Many said that the sign in the stars was false or you shouldn’t be reading the stars. Those that do say this, need to re-read the book of Genesis!
    I think it was a sign of the end, it was God telling mankind, look up, your time is coming near.
    It obviously was not the rapture, but it could very well tell of the Rapture! Anyone who would say otherwise, once again needs to read more into God’s word!
    If they say otherwise, then they might as well say that Jesus was not telling the truth when he said the he would return for the believers of the early days and of our days.
    Because Jesus has not returned yet, but that doesn’t make his statements untrue. God said to watch for Jesus return, do not fall asleep, watch for these things that will come to pass but this is not yet the end.
    All of these statements are viewed by believers, believing on faith.
    God also said that you should watch and tell others of things that are happening. Like Rev12, and Trump saying that Jerusalem is now viewed by the USA as the Israel Capitol.
    Jesus is going to return!
    Everyone that Believes the Bible is the True word of God and that Jesus is his only Son and the Holy Spirit is alive and well in all believers today and that Jesus rose from the grave in 3 days and lives today, will be saved!
    There were 5 hurricanes this season, I feel they were warnings from God, all of them were named and pointed towards God and Gods word!
    Trump is in office, by no other means than by the hand of GOD! Take that to the bank!
    All Christians of this day should be looking for signs and watching and listening to other believers! God also said that not one man will have all of the answers, he is going to give this days’ believers many answers, both visual and spiritual. If someone feels that they are being deceived then they need to take it to GOD’S word and prayer!
    God also said that many will come in his name, only to deceive many! That is happening everyday!
    You have to be vigilant in your belief in GOD and JESUS! You have to have Faith that GOD’S word is True!
    If someone tells you something and it cannot be found in the Bible, pray and be cautious.
    True believers should NEVER be back biting someone that is trying to figure out when Jesus will return! That is our job as Believers! To spread the true word of GOD!
    We will be wrong when it comes to understanding the time that Jesus will return! But, we can understand the signs and the times and the seasons! One day we will be right!
    We are all sinners and fall way short of perfect! That is why we needed a Savior, JESUS, The only one that could have saved us from our sins!
    Keep looking up! Keep reading and trying to figure out what God wants us to do!
    But Most of ALL, BELIEVE that JESUS Died on the CROSS for ALL OF OUR SINS!
    This is the only way that you will know who the true GOD is! Romans 2New International Version (NIV), Romans 3New International Version (NIV), John 1New International Version (NIV).
    All of these verses talk about judgement and judging. Don’t be the judge of someone that is on the same side of GOD as you are!
    Not to say that you (Todd) are judging, this is for those that want to judge!

    Thanks Again Todd, I really enjoyed your article!
    God Be With You! May We Meet In The Sky One Day Soon!!


  37. Hi Todd
    Your insights are very interesting and I am of the opinion we are in the very last of the last days.
    I am a strong supporter of Donald Trump I agree he is a young believer and has a strong believer on his right hand. I look forward to seeing what the palestinians response if a deal is put forward in the new year thankyou for your site it is so helpful and exciting time we are in
    Blessings to you and your family this Christmas and a Happy New Year
    Pastor Colin Stevens Australia

    • Thank you chiming in Pastor Stevens! Glad to see the post make its way all the way to Australia. :o)

      Merry Christmas to you as well.

  38. Blessings,
    I very much agree with what you have written. I too believe the final Peace Agreement will have been drawn up but not confirmed by theAnti-Christ…whom I believe will come out of the Newly formed Revived Roman Empire…E.U.

    I also believe that Donald Trump was hand picked by God for this time in History. I believe he was chosen to hold back the progress of the One World Order as well as speed up things in other areas. I believe that his boldness comes from God, and even he doesn’t realize that.

    I have also been watching and waiting for Turkey to align itself with the Muslim World once again and for Russia to step up to the plate, not behind the scene but in plain sight…and sure enough He is. We already know that Russia and Iran have had a ‘pact’ for quite a few years now but it is finally coming out of the background and into the forefront. Things are moving faster and faster every day and it is so exciting to be able to watch it happen just as God said it would. What a time to be alive…

    I am watching Damascus! Isaiah 17:1

    Jesus is coming for the Church at a time when no ones knows….but the signs that are all converging now and all at the same time, shows that the 7 yr Tribulation is close, and the Rapture is even closer…..perhaps before I finish typing…now wouldn’t that be nice…

    God Bless
    Gramma from Canada

  39. Hi folks I’m not an American but I think it’s great that Donald Trump is your president. What he’s doing /done so far is fantastic. Not least of all remembering what Scriptures say about those who bless Israel. Praise the Risen Lord.
    However I fear the Vatican has their man right beside him as VP. Donald is an infant in Biblical things and many that occupy his ‘court’ are not what they seem. Perhaps I’m well of the mark.
    Blessings in Christ to believers everywhere from your brother in Christ Jon , in Northern Ireland. Where many still hold to the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ , the sanctity of marriage being between one man and one woman , and where unborn babies are protected by law, so far. The falling away has been great here like in the USA and we are daily under attack from all the usual quarters. But hey nothing like being in the frontline to know the awesome Power of God. Jesus Christ our Saviour is coming soon Amen

    • Thanks for sharing Jon. I would have to research that one a bit. From what I’ve heard, Pence is a solid evangelical Christian. That said, I really don’t know much about him.
      Definitely agree w/ your other comments. Thank you so much for sharing my friend! Glad to hear there are many believers still in Northern Ireland!

      • Todd, blessings in Christ our Saviour.
        I’ll expand a little . Mr Pence has certainly worked hard for conservative values. He certainly seems to live by those values and speaks a lot of common sense. He was once a Democrat as I’m sure you know. His heritage is Irish Catholic. Mr Pence calls himself an evangelical Catholic. I call myself a Christian. All Christians are to evangelize, all Christians are to be born again. I don’t feel the need for a prefix. Though I do understand why some folks feel this need. The Vatican as I’m sure you know are major players in world affairs . There’s not a political going on that they haven’t got their fingers in, and their master stroke is always to play on both sides. They’ve done it time and time again. My own country’s history shows this clearly to be the case. There are lots and lots of more examples of this through out even recent 20th Century history. And now they have a Jesuit as their commander in chief (if you will). Perhaps I’m wrong to suspect Mr Pence of having an alternative motive. I’d recommend as part of your research you look at the work of Avro Manhattan he explains the Vatican’s tactics well. Including their involvement with Hitler, the war inVeitnam and the Troubles in Northern Ireland and the take over of United States of America from the 1800s onwards. You may think I’m being sensational, but please look into these things yourself. There are forces at work as we know who would love to bring your Nation down and they use a multi pronged attack as their strategy. How many truly Christian countries are left ? How many western nations hold to the wisdom of the Scriptures? Not many , some states in the USA and little Northern Ireland, I’d say. I fear the Trump administration will be mis-used to finish that of. Here in Northern Ireland we are continually under attack by the prince of the power of the air, Satan. Our stand, of enduring the doctrine and values, given us from the Word of God are ridiculed daily on radio, television and print. That’s ok, we rejoice for we know it has to come to pass. Though we grieve greatly for those souls that are being lost to the enemy. I’ll leave it there for now Todd . Please do check out Avro Manhattan’s work. Perhaps you’ve heard of him already, I’d be interested to know.
        I pray the blood of Jesus Christ keep you and the Brethren in the USA safe from Satans schemes and I pray especially for President Trump that he may grow more and more daily in the ways of our LORD. Looking forward to hearing from you or others on this matter.
        God bless you all. Your brother in Christ, Jon

        • thanks for the info Jon. I didn’t realize Pence had a Catholic background etc. I’ll read up on that prayerfully. Thanks for the info! Glad to hear there are sill some holding to the truth in Northern Ireland! Keep up the great work my friend!