Did Jesus Talk About The Rapture?

The amazing alignment of Jesus’s and Paul’s statements

We’re told that all of scripture is inspired by the Holy Spirit. In other words, the entire Bible has one true author—God himself. It’s amazing when you reread an earlier statement with new information in mind. Here’s what I mean. Paul said the rapture was a mystery revealed to him, but with that new/later (chronologically speaking) information in mind, older passages of Scripture take on new meaning.

Compare Paul’s words in 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 with Jesus’s earlier statement in John 14:3. The chart above shows how well they line up. We also have the picture here of the key aspects of ancient Jewish wedding traditions. That’s another topic to cover in depth, but the short version is this: the bridegroom would pay a great price for the bride, go back home to build a house or an addition to his father’s house, then (upon the father’s instruction) the bridegroom would come back at an unknown time to fetch his bride, then take her to her new home. According to Scripture, Jesus is the bridegroom and the Church (all true believers everywhere) is the bride.

As you read the Bible with the rapture in mind, so you see this doctrine concealed in Old Testament or Gospel account passages? Feel free to chime in below! I’d love to hear what you are learning as you study God’s Word!

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5 thoughts on “Did Jesus Talk About The Rapture?

  1. Blessings in Christ our Redemer, Todd.
    Yes our LORD and Saviour most definitely did talk about the soon to come rapture. Both in the Old Testament and the New. Isn’t it incredibly interesting that even the unsaved know of it. They of course mock the idea, dear LORD forgive them, many mock in ignorance. Even the Simpsons show have taken the mickey out of the rapture. Few have not heard of it to some degree. While others who have been brought up in God fearing church going families now mock. Oh dear. I grieve for them and pray they ‘look to the heavens and come to their senses.’ Many have not purchased oil for their lamps in such along time. (I’m speaking now specifically of my own friends and family) They laugh or roll their eyes when I witness to them or remind them of the Truth they once knew of. Isn’t this Romans chapter 1? They know , then they suppress And mock and then God hands them over to their delusion. Oh dear . I was once lost too but now I’m saved by the power of the Holy Spirit and thanks in no small part to parents and brethren that prayed for my deliverance. Praise the Risen Lord, for people who care enough to pray for me.
    I was saved Todd at 7 years old, but some how let my love for the LORD grow cold. I never denied my Lord but didn’t speak up enough for the Truth I knew. Shame on me. I’ve strayed and complicated my life so many times and in so many ways. But now my feet are planted firmly on the Rock that is Jesus Christ the Author and Finisher of my Faith. Hallelujah! All Glory to the King.
    Sorry I’ve gone of topic a little, Todd.
    The rapture, have you noticed almost everywhere you go these days there are TVs in shops,restaurants, waiting rooms in all sorts of places ,hotels ,prison cells , on and on. No one is not going to know of the rapture when it happens. And the whole world Will see the two witnesses preach and then be killed and lay dead for three days and more to the point rise up alive once more !!!! Hopefully these events will bring many to the Name of Jesus, the person of Jesus Christ for their Salvation in the time of tribulation. Our God is merciful as we know. Though he is also a Just Judge. Praise the LORD. Keep up the good work brother and the Lord Jesus Christ keep you and the family safe and in His arms as always. We must endure until the end and confess Jesus is the Risen Son of God the Father. Keep your shield up your helmet breastplate and belt on, the sword at the ready as we go through this life wearing our sandals of the Gospel of Peace. Keep praying for the LORDS people everywhere. The victory is already won. Amen

    • Amen Brother Jon!! Your testimony sounds like mine!! I too stayed from the Lord a few times but by His great grace and mercy He helped me to get planted firmly in His Word, and truth!! My family and friends role their eyes too when I speak about the rapture, but there are a few faithful ones who agree, but aren’t bold enough to voice it!! All I can say is Maranatha!! Not my will but God’s will!! See you and Todd in the clouds one day soon!!

  2. Todd, Do you think these two O.T. passages are veiled references to the rapture?

    Isa 57:1-2
    The righteous man perishes, and no man takes it to heart;
    And devout men are taken away, while no one understands.
    For the righteous man is taken away from evil,
    He enters into peace;

    Ps 7:7 – And let the assembly of the peoples encompass Thee;
    And over them return Thou on high .

    • Yes! I do tend to think those are veiled references to the rapture as well as spiritual principles. So amazing how cohesive God’s word is. Thanks for sharing!