The Practical Prophecy Podcast: Episode 6

The Biblical Feasts—Passover

In today’s podcast Brian and I discuss the Lord’s Feasts originally given in Leviticus 23 and how they relate to Jesus’ work on the cross as well as his future return. In this first installment we discuss the feast of Passover and what it means to us practically.

The Practical Prophecy Podcast: Episode 5

What is the rapture? (Last of Series)

In this final installment of our series on the rapture, Brian and I discuss support for a pre-tribulation rapture, the results of the sudden removal of the church from the world, the two parts of the first coming and how it serves as a shadow of the two parts of the second coming, the practical […]

The Practical Prophecy Podcast: Episode 4

What is the rapture? Part 2

In this week’s episode of P3, Brian and I continue our discussion about the rapture of the Church. We define the doctrine of imminence, discuss types of the rapture in the Old Testament, ancient Jewish wedding traditions (and how they relate to the rapture), and much more.  

The Practical Prophecy Podcast: Episode 2

What is the main thing to watch to understand the times?

In this week’s episode of P3 Brian Thomas and I take a look at the single most compelling development that let’s us know where we are on God’s calendar. Keep your eyes on this one thing to see if the pieces of the end-times puzzle are falling into place.

The Top 3 Things That Keep People from Studying Bible Prophecy

On this question from the recent survey I sent out, participants could choose more than one answer. These were the top three choices by far. Most other reasons were under 5%. These results were eye opening to me in terms of knowing what posts to write, resources to develop, and what books to recommend. They […]

The Top 3 Things People Want to Know About Bible Prophecy

A few weeks ago I set up a Bible prophecy survey for people to take. It had 25 questions, several of which I’m going to analyze in upcoming blog posts, this one being the first. One of the key things I wanted to do was to find out what specific areas of Bible prophecy people […]

Is Bible Prophecy a Distraction to Real Ministry?

5 Reasons Bible Prophecy Is Extremely Relevant Today

I just got back from a Mission trip to Haiti last night. If you’re not familiar with the conditions there, they are terrible. Everything there is broken. The government, the culture, the land, the economy, the health of the people. Everything. It’s almost as if the land itself if cursed. Even satellite images like the […]

Important Bible Prophecy Survey!

Take the survey now! Please help me better serve you with relevant content and resources by taking this quick (5 minute) survey to let me know what areas of Bible prophecy you would like to know more about. If you are ready to take the survey, click here! Thanks in advance for you help. Feel free […]

Three Easy Rules to Help You Study Prophecy

Studying the Book of Revelation is intimidating and it does take some intentional work to understand it. But, it’s no where near as intimidating as you think if you keep three rules in mind (covered in detail below).  My goal with this blog is to make complex things simple in regards to end-times theology and understanding. I […]