The Secret Ingredient to Your Overnight Success

So, I’ve been working on a book idea of late and it’s going to be a lot of work. One of the things with writing a book is you have to get people to buy it. But before you get people to  buy it, you need a book store and/or website to stock it. But […]

10 Keys to Spirit-Led Leadership

Last month I led a leadership class for two weeks (of a six week class) and talked about 10 Keys to Spirit-Led Leadership. I hope to write a post on each key at some point, but in the mean time here’s a brief overview of the 10 keys. Spirit-Led Leaders… 1. …Walk Closely With The […]

S.M.A.R.T. Creative Career Goals, Part 2

This post is an excerpt from chapter 18 of my book Calling All Artists. November is the perfect time to start planning goals for the next year! In part 1, I shared what S.M.A.R.T. goals are and the benefit to using this method. Here in part 2 I want to show specific examples and an exercise for […]

Official Book Launch: Calling All Artists

See details and purchase options here. (or go directly to Amazon) Well it’s finally here. Six months in the making (although I could argue decades) with many late nights and early mornings, encouragement from my wife, kids, and great friends, I’m proud to announce the official release of my first book: Calling All Artists. (See printed […]

Freelancers and Uncle Sam: How should I Plan and Pay Taxes On My Own?

As I mentioned in a previous post, a freelancer is really a small company. As an independent contractor, you are responsible to estimate and pay your own taxes (usually 4 times per year unless you are just starting out). If you work for a company, they take taxes out for you, but as a freelancer […]

Are You Part of the S5 Audience? A Must Read for Any Creative!

My goal as a Creative Career Coach is to help creatives find their calling and plan their education and careers based on their core marketable strengths, while living a fulfilling life and making the world a better place. S5 Represents the 5 key seasons a person in the creative industry needs to intersect with a […]

5 Business Survival Tips for the Creative Entrepreneur

In many ways, business and creativity are like oil and water. One is calculated while the other is free-flowing and unpredictable. One must think of profitability first, while the other must think of aesthetics and touching people’s emotions. If you are the owner of a creative firm or if you are a freelancer (in which case […]