In-between Birth Pains?

Is it me, or do end-time birth pains seem to be getting more distinct, intense, and all inclusive? 2017 saw an intense convergence of birth pains, and in my spirit I sense (as I study God’s word and look around at world events) that we’re in-between birth pains but a tidal wave is coming. When […]

Did Jesus Talk About The Rapture?

The amazing alignment of Jesus’s and Paul’s statements

We’re told that all of scripture is inspired by the Holy Spirit. In other words, the entire Bible has one true author—God himself. It’s amazing when you reread an earlier statement with new information in mind. Here’s what I mean. Paul said the rapture was a mystery revealed to him, but with that new/later (chronologically […]

Can We Really Understand Bible Prophecy?

"Non-Prophet's Guide to the End-Times" Book Teaser 1

Ever wonder if Bible prophecy can really be understood? Ever wonder why the world is so crazy right now? Does the Bible really shed light on our times? If so, how can I know for sure without looking like a loony toon? How can I make sense of the various end-time views? Most importantly, how […]

The Power and Deity of Christ Revealed

Hidden in Plain Sight: KO Punch!

Be encouraged today! If you know Jesus, you have everything you need for the journey. If you don’t yet know him, please contact me and I’d love to share what he’s done in my life. How does this snapshot of Jesus’s omnipotence impact us in our daily struggles? Chime in below!

Christmas Unseen

The Amazing Connection Between The First Christmas and Our Day

I read a devotion recently that talked about how messed up Jesus’s family tree was—humanly speaking. In it, the author mentioned that many Jewish boys were named Jesus and that the name means “Jehovah is salvation.” Culturally, that entire generation of Jewish parents were waiting for the messiah—so much so that it played out in […]

Introducing…Core Values

The 9 Core Values That Will Drive What I Produce

On the heels of completing the manuscript and art for my book (which will be published by Harvest House), I’ve been hard at work developing an overall strategy that will, with God’s help, enable me to pursue my calling as an author more effectively. I won’t bore you with all of the details at once, but […]

Dress Rehearsal Or The Real “Deal”?

With the news of the US officially recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital today, and additional plans to move the US embassy to Jerusalem—I have a sense that things may be about to shift into overdrive. In related matters, recent reports about the soon-to-be-revealed mideast peace plan unveil some interesting details as well. These two developments […]

Is the Pre-Trib Rapture Supported in the Old Testament?

There are differing views when it comes to the placement of the rapture in the framework of end-time events. Some believe Scripture teaches a pre-trib (before the tribulation period) rapture, while others teach a mid-trib (in the middle of the 7 year tribulation period) rapture, and some teach a post-trib (at the end of the […]