Introducing…Core Values

The 9 Core Values That Will Drive What I Produce

On the heels of completing the manuscript and art for my book (which will be published by Harvest House), I’ve been hard at work developing an overall strategy that will, with God’s help, enable me to pursue my calling as an author more effectively. I won’t bore you with all of the details at once, but […]

Dress Rehearsal Or The Real “Deal”?

With the news of the US officially recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital today, and additional plans to move the US embassy to Jerusalem—I have a sense that things may be about to shift into overdrive. In related matters, recent reports about the soon-to-be-revealed mideast peace plan unveil some interesting details as well. These two developments […]

Is the Pre-Trib Rapture Supported in the Old Testament?

There are differing views when it comes to the placement of the rapture in the framework of end-time events. Some believe Scripture teaches a pre-trib (before the tribulation period) rapture, while others teach a mid-trib (in the middle of the 7 year tribulation period) rapture, and some teach a post-trib (at the end of the […]

Book Update 3: The Non-Prophet’s Guide to the End-Times

Talk About Labor Pains!?

I just did the math and it took a full 9 months to produce the content (written and artwork) for the book! This was the most demanding project I’ve ever worked on—but I knew it would be, and it was a labor of love. I put so much research and effort into making some very […]

The Stage Won’t Be Un-Set

Isaiah 17 & Ezekiel 38 in the News

OK, this post is definitely geared more toward fellow students of prophecy. If you are not familiar with Bible prophecy—specifically related to Isaiah 17 (the sudden destruction of Damascus), and Ezekiel 38 (Russian/Iranian led attack on Israel)—then this post may be a bit foreign to you. I preface this post in that way because the […]

Book Update 2: The Non-Prophet’s Guide to the End-Times

  I wanted to give a quick update on the book and other related matters. Read below and please share with friends and family! A LITTLE ABOUT THE BOOK It’s over five years of study and research condensed into an easy-to-follow visual guide! If you have ever been turned off by Bible prophecy, buckle up […]

A Month-Long Birthpain

Say what?!

On the heels of the Great American Eclipse on August 21, 2017, we’ve seen one natural disaster after another. Hurricane’s Harvey and Irma hit Texas and Florida—both record breaking events. Hurricane Maria devastated several island countries including Puerto Rico where the entire country is now without power. If three monster hurricanes hitting US and US […]

Timbuktoons Project Highlight: Salvation Army

Junior Soldiers Curriculum Show Development and Production

A few years ago Timbuktoons was hired to develop and produce a show concept to help Salvation Army Churches update their Junior Soldiers Curriculum. We have already produced the first two seasons and are currently recording scripts for season three. More coming on this project but I wanted to share a few of the videos […]

New Timbuktoons Project Highlight

RightNow Media Series

The past few months at Timbuktoons we’ve been working on some fun projects including several character designs, background designs, nested animation, and asset rigging for Phil Vischer’s team to use in-house to produce his new series on RightNow Media called “What is a Christian?” I don’t know much about the series but we have designed […]