Project Highlight: “Bible App For Kids”

This is an amazing time to be a creative. Location is not a factor for most creative projects. With online collaboration tools giving organizations the ability to hire companies based on their key creative strength, it makes it possible to produce complex projects without having to hire an onsite team to pull it off. Timbuktoons […]

Calling All Artists! (NEW E-book Coming Soon)

If you are fuzzy about your specific calling as an artist, feel stuck or confused, want to take your skills to another level, wonder if you were built for something more, or if you need advice and direction from a trusted voice to figure out which way to go with your creative career, this e-book […]

How Mike Wazowski Can Help You Discover Your True Identity

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines identity as: “the distinguishing character or personality of an individual”. Chances are you haven’t ever really thought much about this. Most people don’t until they face a crisis, major transition, or are facing some other decision that will impact their life in a significant way. For some people their sense of […]

Transcendent Vs. Relevant: Why Church Media Should Lead Creative Culture

Here’s another guest post I wrote for my friends over at the Church Media Blog. I have included the first paragraph and a link to the full post. In both creative and in Christian circles I hear a lot about being relevant. Relevant is an adjective that means “closely connected or appropriate to the matter […]

The Power of Art and Media in KidMin

I started guest posting over at and here’s the first paragraph and a link to their site. Media is a powerful tool, and is used to teach, train, influence, tell great stories, bring awareness, stir emotion, persuade, and engage. Billions are spent on production and distribution, and media reaches every corner of the world. […]