The 2 Biggest Barriers to Moving Forward in Your Creative Career

Earlier this week I spoke with a couple of creatives at different times about their next career steps and what seemed to be stalling them at the moment. In both cases the same 2 themes emerged. I have faced the same 2 barriers at different times and have talked to many other creatives who have […]

5 Reasons To Start Your Personal Renaissance

I finally had a chance to watch The Monuments Men, a film about an unlikely World War II platoon tasked to rescue art masterpieces from Nazi thieves and return them to their owners. I loved this film because not only is it based on a true story, but it highlights why art is so important in […]

The 5 Key Steps To Animation Development

In a previous post I introduced the 4 phases of the animation process using characters to help give an overview. Today, I’ll use one of the characters to further explain the first phase of the process and unpack 5 critical steps in the process. Development Guru (Progressum Instruo) is a wise sage who’s here to […]

New Resource for Ministry Creatives

I started guest posting over at the “Church Media Blog” with my friends from Worship House Media/Sermon Spice/Salem Communications. My first post went up yesterday: 10 Tips for Balancing Quality and Schedule Check it out along with all the other great posts and contributors. If you produce content for a church or ministry, this blog will […]

GET Clear. GET Going. 5 Days to Creative Career Clarity

This 19 page workbook is designed to take you from ambiguity and confusion to career clarity. Whichever S5 stage you find yourself in, this workbook will help with 5 hands on lessons with engaging and practical exercises to help you nail down your core talent, internal drivers, marketability, and specific creative career focus. Getting clear […]

The Leadership X-Factor: 7 Qualities of a Great Leader

I’m on the school council for an elementary school in our area. Recently, we interviewed applicants for a key leadership position and made our recommendations to the school board. We were to interview them one at a time using 12 questions, then rank them in several areas, number our preferred candidates from first to third […]