Keys to Keeping a Steady Flow of Work

Consistent work means consistent cash flow. But any freelancer or small business owner will tell you it’s an ongoing challenge to keep the pipeline full. A few weeks ago when I asked people to email with questions, a common theme arose around the topic of keeping a constant flow of client projects (and a constant […]

7 Steps to Breaking In as a Freelancer

I work primarily in the animation industry which employs many freelancers including writers, visual development artists, storyboard artists, sound designers, voice actors, animators, and more. Some projects require on-site freelancers, some remote. Some projects are long term like working on a 13 episode animation series. Some projects are short term or one-off projects. It also […]

3 Keys To Growing As An Artist

Earlier this week I emailed our Timbuktoons CloudTeam Members, previous interns, and other artists who have worked at Timbuktoons at one time or another. They are creatives of all different stripes including: musicians, animators, graphic designers, creative team leaders, motion graphics producers, illustrators, visual development artists, voice actors, video producers, and sound designers. As I’m […]

Are You Part of the S5 Audience? A Must Read for Any Creative!

My goal as a Creative Career Coach is to help creatives find their calling and plan their education and careers based on their core marketable strengths, while living a fulfilling life and making the world a better place. S5 Represents the 5 key seasons a person in the creative industry needs to intersect with a […]

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Artist Critiques

Animation studios have “dailies” where they review each other’s scenes and provide feedback and constructive criticism. Also known as the “sweat box” in the animation industry (dating back to the days of Walt Disney when he would review completed scenes in a small review room where animators would nervously await his response) it’s a term […]