10 Ways To Lead Like a Super Bowl Coach

If you have kids that play sports and have been around for a few seasons, you’ve probably come across some good coaches and some bad ones. We’ve all heard horror stories of (or witnessed first hand) a coach screaming at his players, veins bulging from neck and forehead, voice hoarse from over using his vocal […]

Animation Process Explained…Sort Of

Some times when I describe the animation process to a new client or someone who wants to learn about animation, it can get too technical, or too insider-ish if I start using words like: animatic, x-sheet, onion skinning, and render que. So, a couple of years ago I designed these characters to help give a […]

15 Practical Tips for Designing Great Layouts

Here are 15 tips for drawing great layouts! 1. Read the script. 2. Study the style manual or art direction 3. Read the script again. (Seriously. The layout must support the action and story.) 4. Make sure you understand the connecting shots for visual continuity. 5. Don’t tell them what you can show them. Tell the story […]